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Creatives and Agencies I Love

I love working with creatives and agencies. Here are some of my favorites.

Awesome People Shout Outs

Almost daily, it seems, I meet new awesome people who just make my work even more fun.

On the job and behind the scenes

Moments are fleeting, but photos freeze the memory for everyone to enjoy.

Work History

Browse through my work history all the way back to 1991 when I graduated from Drexel

Events: Face to face is some much better

Nearly every weekly, I attend some event somewhere. Check my calendar and let's make a point to meet in person.


Frequently I, or the marketing items I have worked on end up in the press.

What my associates say on LinkedIn

Here are a few nice things some of my associates and colleagues have to about my work
Director at CuldeSac

Sophie von Schönburg

Partner and Director at CuldeSac

Barbara is a highly professional manager who knew how to drive her team to the best possible results. ..

Larry O'Neil

Larry O'Neil

Interior Designer

Barbara is an outstanding talent / asset for any company, but is also such a pleasure to work with...

Chardonnay Pickard

Chardonnay Pickard

Luxury and Design Marketing Consultant

Barbara is a joy.She is open-minded while remaining goal-oriented and always brings a unique perspective to our projects together. Her enthusiasm for beautiful product and her desire to meet our clients' needs make her an amazing asset to our team.

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